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Vermont Art Network

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Open to Vermont Residents Only

When you join Vermont Artisan Network, you're entitled to:

  • A Member Page containing up to six photographs of your work, a resumé or biography, or a description of your work and why you do what you do - anything that will generate interest in your work and cause people to want to see more. Your name, address, phone number and email address will be listed, as well as a FREE link to your website. If you don't have your own website and want to showcase more of your work, additional pages can be added to your member page for a small fee - a mini website within our website.

  • Online Catalog: Parking spots for 10 items. As your items sell, new items can be inserted. Each single item can be listed in two different categories. We take a 20% commission on all work sold through our web site. See "How it Works - Catalog" for more information.

  • Free classified ads: Sell/Trade/Buy/Give Away: Do you want to sell something or are you looking for supplies to finish a special project? Sell anything (other than your crafts or artwork) free. Ads run until your item sells or until you tell us to drop the ad.

  • Free listing for any classes or workshops you teach - a good way to earn some extra money and pass on the skills you've worked so hard to perfect.

  • Studio Listings: If you keep regular studio hours so that customers can stop by unannounced, we will list them here. You will be listed by region/county, so visitors out driving around can make several stops on the same day. We'll also list any weekend you want to hold an Open Studio.

  • Free Listing in our Hire an Artist Directory which showcases other skills and talents you use to help you make a living.